1. Weltuntergang [VOX 35 LP]

  2. Unique World [VOX 34 LP]
    Supernova 1006

  3. Dope For Human [VOX 33 EP]
    Supernova 1006

  4. Slow Day [VOX 31 MC]

  5. Cut Up [VOX 30 LP]
    Parade Ground

  6. Escape Mask [VOX 29 CD]

  7. Videoband [VOX 28 MC]

  8. Remission [VOX 27 LP]
    New Politicians

  9. Sanctuary [VOX 26 MC]
    Parade Ground

  10. Hate Machine [VOX 25 LP]
    Sonic Death

  11. Hope [VOX 24 LP]
    Anything Box

  12. A New Kind Of High [VOX 23 LP]
    Bill And Murray

  13. Low Light Vision [VOX 22 CD]

  14. Glory of Romance [VOX 21 CD]
    Nouvelle Phénomène

  15. Баланс [VOX 20 CD]

  16. A Room With A View [VOX 15 LP]
    Parade Ground

  17. The Silence Grows

  18. Arcade Bastards

  19. Rabbit Hole EP
    Bill & Murray

  20. Nicotine Tongue
    Angie Damage

  21. Fiction Prediction [VOX 16 LP]
    Soft Riot

  22. VOX 16 DD - Your Own Private Underworld
    Soft Riot

  23. VOX 18 DD – Caresse / Glory of Romance
    Nouvelle Phénomène

  24. Fright †reasures [VOX 18 MC]
    A New Life

  25. Jazz' Mad [VOX 14 CD]
    ADN' Ckrystall

  26. VOX 17 DD - Distant Noises
    Various Artists

  27. The Big Wheel [VOX 12 LP]

  28. Growing Seeds [VOX13CD]
    Lust For Youth

  29. Sing My Body Electric [VOX11CD]
    Tobias Bernstrup

  30. Same River Twice [VOX 3 CD]
    Aerial FX

  31. Naked

  32. The Last Hour
    The Last Hour

  33. Twenty Years In One Hour [VOX 4 CD]
    Individual Industry

  34. Set the World on Fire [VOX 5 CD]
    Forthcoming Fire

  35. Windows on the World [VOX 9 CD]
    The Silicon Scientist

  36. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    Rise and Fall of a Decade

  37. Bas-Relief [VOX10CD]
    Eleven Pond

  38. Indians In Moscow [VOX7CD]
    Indians In Moscow

  39. The Truth In Dark Corners [VOX8CD]


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Internationally reputed independent record label based in Holy Mother Russia. We deal with such genres as Post Punk, New Wave, Minimal Synth, Weird Disco, Stoner Rock, Garage, Industrial etc. We release works by ambitious and creative artists around the globe from the past, present and future! ... more

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